Maximum Brand Access and Exposure <--> Lower Student Printing Costs

We are a digital advertising team who believe that by giving back, we can create stronger, deeper and longer customer relationships for our clients. Traditional advertising has taken advantage of those who actually create the financial value, in our case colleges and students, for far too long. We aim to shake up the traditional advertising business model by sharing the financial advertising value in an equitable way.

We provide brands with the most exclusive avenue to advertise on digital displays at public print stations INSIDE the most safeguarded and highly trafficked buildings on campus. We've eliminated the standard 'months or years' of red tape to get your brand on campus! Each university that we partner with shares in the revenue generated on the condition that they use it to reduce the cost of public printing for students on campus and provide additional support for student organizations.

We also developed Pokqet, our proprietary deals app that allows brands to engage students with valuable discounts and offers where they spend the greatest amount of time, their mobile phone. Because students are often on a budget and cost conscious, they are constantly on the lookout for great deals on all the things they buy, including food, clothing, fitness, entertainment, electronics and more. We help brands present their products/services/offers to students, faculty and even locals to bring them into their businesses.

We firmly believe in a future where customers and advertisers share in the value exchange equitably... that's exactly what we do!


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