Knowta Display

Knowta Display is our digital display network located at public print stations inside the highest traffic locations on campus. It's the only network of its kind to provide brands and advertisers with 24/7 access to the most coveted locations on campus like Libraries, Dorms, Computer Labs, and Student Union. We eliminate the administrative red tape required to advertise your brand inside campus buildings, taking your ad live in under 72hrs.

What would you do with 75k+ impressions per day, no competing ads, and measurable Calls-To-Action?


Pokqet Mobile App

Knowta's new mobile deals app, Pokqet (paw-ket), connects college students, faculty and locals with location-based discounts, offers and events to bring them into your business. With robust deal scheduling and redemption features, our clients have ultimate control of their offerings. Discounts that aren't profitable and don't create repeat customers are a huge financial drain on your business. We encourage our clients to develop discounts and offers that are profitable and purpose driven in order to generate significant return on investment.

We also provide a team of deal experts to ensure our clients' offers stand out and exceed performance expectations.